Collapse Edit

On the evening of August 1st 2007, at approximately 6:05 PM, the I-35W bridge in Minneapolis, MN, plunged into the Mississippi River. The center part of the bridge collapsed first, then the two ends. Over 100 vehicles were involved, and one train going under the bridge was also involved. Tim Pawlenty and R.T. Rybak (Governor and Mayor) declared a State of Emergency. Only a couple of vehicles were trapped under the bridge, but several were Stranded on the fallen sections of the bridge. Within two hours of the collapse, over fifty people had been rescued and taken two hospitals throughout the city. Hennipen County and Minneapolis were considered a Major Disaster area.

Current Status Edit

In the area of the old bridge a new bridge is currently being built. It will be called the St. Anthony Falls Bridge.

References Edit

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