The 1900 Galveston Hurricane was a category4 hurricane going 150mph(240km/h) that affected Puerto Rico,Domincan Republic,Haiti,Cuba,south Florida,Mississippi,Louisiana,Texas,Atlantic Canada,Great Lakes region,and much of the Central United States.

Meteorogical History: Edit

  • August27,1900:The storm formed 1,000 miles(1,600 km) east of the Windward Islands.
  • August30,1900:The Storm passed through the Leeward Islands.
  • September1,1900:The U.S. Weather Bureau observers were reporting a storm southeast of Cuba.
  • September2,1900:Antigua reported a severe thunderstorm.
  • September3,1900:Southwest Cuba had heavy rain.
  • September5,1900:The tropical storm emerged into the Florida Straits.
  • September6,1900:The storm was north of Key West.
  • September7,1900:The Weather Brueau Office reported heavy damage along the Louisiana and Mississippi coasts.
  • September8,1900:The Hurricane made landfall on Galveston,Texas.
  • September12,1900:The storm dissipated.

It was the 2nd most costliest U.S. Atlantic Hurricane.It cost $20million(1900 U.S. Dollars).

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